Ask Brown professors about the stories behind their research

Faculty in Focus Podcast

The Office of the Provost is devoted to nurturing Brown University’s vibrant scholarly community.

The Faculty in Focus podcast, hosted by Brown’s Provost Richard Locke, puts that vibrant community on display through a series of interviews with some of Brown University’s most compelling faculty members.

The MHC Group produces and edits Faculty in Focus. Theme song, sound design and recording are by Tom Van Buskirk.

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Brown University’s Office of the Provost


Record, edit, and produce interview podcast .


Summer 2019 – Winter 202o

Answer your nagging questions about the environment

Possibly Podcast

What’s the deal with plastic straws? Does speeding waste gas? Is it worth it to buy a hybrid car? Possibly tackles these types of listener questions every Tuesday morning on The Public’s Radio.

Megan Hall from The MHC Group is the host of this podcast/radio show. She also oversees, edits, and advises the Brown University students who research the answers to each question.

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The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society


Host and oversee a weekly podcast offering science based answer to environmental questions


Winter 2018 – Present