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Megan Hall

Megan Hall

Megan Hall is an award-winning audio journalist and health policy expert. She has spent more than two decades collecting, analyzing and telling stories.

As Rhode Island Public Radio’s health care reporter, she created radio features, blog posts, and forums about complicated health topics.

She then spent more than five years building, explaining and improving HealthSource RI, Rhode Island’s health insurance exchange.

Megan now uses her expertise to turn complicated ideas into everyday language for everyone from neurologists to ecologists.

Megan Hall has a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and a master’s degree in public health, both from Brown University. She lives in North Providence with her husband, two daughters and a cranky cat.


Tom Van Buskirk

Tom Van Buskirk

Tom Van Buskirk is a critically-acclaimed musician and producer, whose band Javelin has over 5 million streams on Spotify. 

As a performer, he has played for audiences ranging from The Whitney Museum to Lollapalooza, Big Ears to Moog Fest, Celebrate Brooklyn to MoMA. 

A lifelong multi-instrumentalist and avid user of music technology, he has learned to channel his passion for composition to audio storytelling via the language of music. While his songs have appeared alongside video in films and advertisements, it is a special treat to compose especially for listeners.

Tom graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in Literatures in English, while haunting the halls of the electronic music program.

Tom composes theme music and oversees sound design for The MHC Group’s podcast projects.

Amador (Tino) Delamerced

Amador (Tino) Delamerced is a fourth-year medical student at Brown University. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, he’s an aspiring neurologist, and his work often stands at the intersection of medicine and storytelling.

He hosts and produces Firsts, a podcast series about new experiences during medical training, and he’s also worked on podcasts for STAT News and the International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID).

His writing has appeared in STAT, Medscape, KevinMD, and Doximity. He graduated from Brown as an undergraduate with a degree in Classics.

Tino is the producer for Humans in Public Health.

Nancy Pick

Nancy Pick

Nancy Pick writes nonfiction books, usually but not always about science.

She is the author of The Rarest of the Rare (HarperCollins/ Scala Arts), which tells the stories behind the natural history museum at Harvard.

In her book Curious Footprints (Amherst College Press), she reveals how Prof. Edward Hitchcock amassed Amherst College’s world-class collection of dinosaur tracks. Strangely enough, he did not believe they were made by dinosaurs.

She’s also working with a team of scientists on the book Do Plants Know Math (Princeton University Press, forthcoming), about the fascinating and beautiful spirals found in plants.

A graduate of Amherst College, she was a reporter for the Baltimore Evening Sun and a journalism fellow at Yale Law School.

Nancy works closely with the MHC Group to craft language and storylines for the Possibly podcast.